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You Should Be Playing Love Letter


Wanting to get into more advance board games, I started looking around at what all was available. While overwhelming, I did learn a lot from various sources that cover different genres of board games. One of my favorite articles, and a re-occurring topic of the site, is when Loyd Case visits Tested with a batch of new board games. One game he talked about on the website and the Tested Podcast is called Love Letter.

They talked about how easy the game is to pick up and how quickly you can go through a complete game. I was intrigued and ordered a set right away. Love Letter comes in a red velvet bag with red squares for keeping score, information cards necessary for newbies, and sixteen play cards. Yes, Love Letter consists of only sixteen play cards. But don’t let the amount make you think there isn’t enough variety, because me and my wife continue to play after buying this game about a year ago.

The story is silly and comes out as an after thought to the game. You are trying to get your letter to the princess for courting but she locked herself in her tower. We’ve played with several different people and some have no interest in the story, they only care about the strategy of the game. It can be played from 2-4 players and is just as fun for couples sessions. During your round, you draw a card then play a card and only ever have one card in your hand. Playing a card means you do what the card says to do. For instance, one card might have you try and guess what another player is holding. Guess correctly and you can bump them from the round. Or another card will force you to compare cards with another player, and whoever has the higher card wins.

Games can be played in less than fifteen minutes, so it’s something you can do at the dinner table instead of staring at your phone the entire time. It also doesn’t take a lot of thought, so lends well to a more casual game to play while having conversations. AEG is the company who designed this game and have plenty of others I want to check out including Nightfall and Thunderstone.

Boardgamegeek is a great resource to learn about Board Games.
Tested has interesting articles about Board Games throughout their Technology driven site.
Ipad Board Games is a site that covers Board Games on iOS, which is an alternative way to try out a game before spending a bunch of money on a game you might not enjoy.

You can buy Love Letter here from

I plan on returning to this topic as I experiment with more games. Let me know of any board games you play that I should check out.

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