The Martian Review

This book was amazing. I was sold from the first page, and it kept getting better. Mark Watney is an astronaut that was stranded on Mars due to some unexpected circumstances. He’s alone with limited resources and must Macgyver what is left for him to survive. It’s written in a series of journal entries that details his experiences for that day.

I loved Mark Watney as a character. He’s funny, brilliant, and has a great outlook even though he is constantly facing death. He goes in depth on how he rigs the MAV to ensure he survives. A lot of it was over my head, but Mark does a good job explaining the many complicated systems he deals with. The things Mark has to do to survive: creating a garden in his limited space, turning his urine into water, and constant checks to make sure everything is working.

Most of the book is set on Mars but it does jump back and forth to NASA headquarters. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it is apparent that this becomes a risky rescue mission to get Mark off of mars. I wasn’t the happiest with the ending, but it was more of the fact that I ran out of pages to read. I wish it would have kept going but the ending was satisfactory enough.

It’s rare of me to want to read a book over but I will revisit this novel again. I’m also excited for the movie and hope the rumor of Matt Damon playing Mark isn’t true. As I was reading through The Martian, I kept thinking that Chris Pratt would play the perfect Mark character. This book might be over my head in spots, but the overall story and characters was near perfect. Read this book if you have any interest in Science Fiction.

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