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I’m Giving Up on the Dark Tower Series


Spoilers ahead!!!

I’ve recently picked back up on reading. It’s something I stopped doing for years but always looked at getting back into. I always enjoyed it in school but kept telling myself I had no time for. But finally, I joined my awesome local library, and joined Goodreads to get some ideas on where to get started. Now I tend to read almost daily, and even listen to books on my commute to work. Couple this with podcasts, and I have plenty to keep me distracted while driving.

I fell in love with some great authors that I never experienced in school including Kurt Vonnegut, Brandon Sanderson, Brian Vaughan, Neil Gaiman, etc. An author that I have always enjoyed is Stephen King. The guy is a legend and has written some incredible stories. While I was looking for a series to start reading, I’ve always heard that the Dark Tower is incredible and wanted to give it a shot. I tried before with the first book, but was quickly bored and gave up. Friends told me to push on, so I did.