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Review: Torchlight 2

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Torchlight 2 is one of those games that I enjoyed my time with but glad to finally be done. Steam says I’ve played 27 hours, which is a lot of time for a game I couldn’t tell you one plot point from. I played Torchlight 2 over the course of a year, hopping in and out when I found time. It’s easily a mindless click-a-thon where I was more interested in looting than following any sort of lore. Not to say there isn’t a story there worth diving into, I just didn’t care about it and was actually shocked that I was fighting the final boss when I did.

My time with Torchlight 2 had me clicking a lot. The first in the series was all set on levels stacked on top eachother, and I believe there were 50 floors, could be more. This one is setup more traditionally with various towns to embark. They weren’t interesting though, just a small area with shops and some people to chat. You might spend a few minutes in them collecting quests but then be on your way exploring. Level design was varied enough but felt less so the more you played.