So Long 2013, and Thanks For All The Memories

In many ways, 2013 was the best year of my life. While it does have a few setbacks (anyone need a house, or know a way to take care of my parents health issues?) it has been filled with so many positive memories. The best was watching my daughter Alexandria growing up. Learning how to sit-up, crawl, walk, throw fits, force handfuls of food in her tiny mouth, dance to any music, and so much more. She can scream in my face, give me headaches, and keep me up all night, but is quickly forgiven with a simple smile or a “Daaa” (her saying dad I just know it!)

Ashley is pregnant again. I was shocked. It’s recent news so still slowly sinking in. The fact that next year Alexandria will have a baby brother or sister to annoy is great news. We wanted our kids to be close in age and are privileged to have a growing family. It’s going to be hard though. Jeez I’m tired. The way we told my parents ended up hilarious. My mom was so lost and we recorded the realization wash over her face. It was a priceless moment. I feel like my parents are so proud of me and Ashley.

I got a promotion at work doing exactly what I’m going to school for. They are giving me so much freedom to learn, to develop procedures, and to gain the knowledge I need to thrive as a computer technician. I sometimes gripe but ultimately thank Versatech/Speedflex/Samtec for providing me with a fantastic job and the opportunity to work in a field that I’m passionate about.

Lexi is dancing right now to Baby First, be right back…

I don’t know how her arms don’t fly off with how fast she swings them.

My wife quit her job to pursue photography. She’s great at it and while we are still trying to settle in our finances, I wouldn’t change her decision at all. For her to be able to stay at home with Lexi is what she always wanted. Her dream is to be a photographer and a mom. She got the mom part last year and the photography this year. She’s tired as well. And nauseous.

I’m looking ahead at 2014 and already see how it can beat this amazing year. School is going strong and I finally see a degree in sight. My new baby will be due around August. We have plenty of goals set and have the motivation to achieve them all. I want to be the Chuck Norris of Computer Repair. I want to ninja through all the computer viruses that come to my business. I want to continue to grow my business, and learn more about the many local businesses around me. I also need to be a bit more social with the community. I’m pretty much a hermit right now in that sense.

Thanks everyone for the support. All the new people I’ve met this year. All my family and friends who have supported me. I’ve lost touch with many people but hope this coming year I can make more time for them. Happy New Year. Be safe!


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