Quick Review: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger came out of the gate with an interesting premise, a few little gameplay enhancements for a first-person shooter, and a beautiful world to traverse. With my new PC, I was able to set this to high and really see the world they crafted. It’s gorgeous to look at, but didn’t completely keep me hooked throughout the entire game. I was ready for an ending and the game kept on going.

Gunslinger stars Silas Greaves, who is telling a tale of his wild adventures with many famous cowboys. His stories are farfetched, and the characters he is regaling to start to grow weary. It ends in an interesting way that I didn’t see coming, it’s just the gameplay wasn’t varied enough to keep carrying the story. I kept thinking it was coming, but in comes a few new characters for Silas to dual.

The gameplay is tight and has some RPG character building that is interesting. I tended to only stick with a few different guns but the old west didn’t have many options. About halfway through the game I stopped using the slow-down mechanic because you do it enough busting through doors. Duals are great and exhilarating with the option to do the honor route with waiting for your opponent to draw his weapon or shoot prematurely.

It’s cheap at $15 on Steam and lasted me nine hours, or so Steam says. Under six hours would have been better, but for people who really love these games they will have plenty to do. It has hidden objectives for the collective types and again a beautiful world to look at. I give it 3.5 silver bullets out of 5. If Techland makes a sequel I would gladly play through it as well!

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