Shovel Knight Looks Rad

This trailer takes me back to the glory days of gaming. Can’t wait to pick this up Thursday! Cannot figure out if I want the Steam or 3DS version. Need an excuse to get the handheld out again so will probably go with that.


My Top Games of E3

The video game industry is losing me. There are a few standout titles every year, but as a whole I have been losing interest in gaming. This E3 might have been a turn around point. It has more than a few games that I’m wanting to check out. Here are the ones that stuck out to me and their trailers.


Finished My Goodreads Challenge for 2014

I told myself I would read 30 books this year and I managed to hit that goal only halfway through. Books have become a major hobby of mine, but I know it will slow down drastically once my son arrives on Aug. 26th. Glad to have gotten this out of the way! See the books I read this year HERE.


Old Man’s War Short Review

Science Fiction is a new genre I’ve been slowly reading. My first true Sci-Fi book was The Forever War by Joe Haldeman. It was a stunning novel about space exploration and the conflicts of war with aliens. The time travel aspect revolves around the protagonist Mandella is only aging months, while the earth is aging centuries.


I’m Giving Up on the Dark Tower Series

Spoilers ahead!!! I’ve recently picked back up on reading. It’s something I stopped doing for years but always looked at getting back into. I always enjoyed it in school but kept telling myself I had no time for. But finally, I joined my awesome local library, and joined Goodreads to get some ideas on where to get started. Now I…

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