Orange Beach Vacation 2021

I finally decided to open up my blog to begin writing again and was hit with a recap post of 2017. For four years of my life, I neglected to write about it. These past four years have been, in a way, insane. Changing jobs multiple times, moved a few times, traveled a bunch, rescued kittens, diagnosed with terminal cancer, yadda yadda yadda, here we are today. Let’s pretend I’ve been keeping up with this and just… move on.

The vacation was simply amazing. We rented a condo at lovely Orange Beach with some great friends for a handful of days and just enjoyed each other’s company. There were times that I just sat back and observed conversations and was genuinely happy to be there. It’s been a pretty rocky year and I was just happy to feel good enough to travel and enjoy the beach. Now I may be the grouch who sits under the tent and is deathly afraid of the sun, but I was still happy. When the clouds came out, so did I. Like a hermit crab, I stayed in the shade, but still had plenty of opportunities to explore the ocean and get sand in all my crevices.

The Perry’s and Bradley’s
Captain Grumpy Cat

The trip down was great. Took a break in Birmingham, which is about the halfway point, and ate Chili’s. Not some fancy Alabama exclusive restaurant, but Chili’s. “With the pepper” which is what my son refers to Chili’s. Ashley then drove us the rest of the way and we were able to venture out onto the beach once we got settled in. It was rainy but we ate pizza and shook off all the driving jitters.

Rainy beach weather

The rest of the vacation was exploring different seafood restaurants, dolphin cruise, lots of beach visits, and souvenir shopping. I think my favorite times were either the dolphin cruise or just being together with the family and friends chatting and hanging. My love language is quality time. I just like being around people I like. You could go as far as ignoring me all day, but if you were around me, my love tank would still fill up. While I had a great time, I was happy to get home. A straight shot home was worth it to be back in my bed. Thanks to Ashley for getting us there and back safely! Some stray observations about vacation:

  • Alexandria watched Mitchell vs. The Machines three times on the way down.
  • Matt Perry much prefers indoor heated pools. Max said so as well but I think he’s just humoring me.
  • Only in the last two hours do kids decide to break out activity books.
  • The ocean is a muncher of prescription glasses. Sorry, David.
  • Alexandria is brave, but not a fan of heights.
Alexandria Perry

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