My Top Games of E3

The video game industry is losing me. There are a few standout titles every year, but as a whole I have been losing interest in gaming. This E3 might have been a turn around point. It has more than a few games that I’m wanting to check out. Here are the ones that stuck out to me and their trailers.

Hotline Miami 2
Topping my top ten all time games (still writing this list) I’m all excited for the sequel to Hotline Miami.

No Man’s Sky
If Hello Games actually pulls this off, this could usher in a whole new way of making games. Completely procedurally generated, this is an ambitious goal from the makers of Joe Danger. I’m excited to see how this develops.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U
I skipped out on playing through the Wii versions of Zelda. I started losing interest in the series since they refuse to iterate off the premise that Zelda fans are accustomed. While this one still has the Zelda feel, they are changing how they approach the series, giving it a more open landscape to explore. There were quotes thrown around that it will be open ended (how they approached Link Between Worlds) and that puzzles could possibly go away. Will this become the Skyrim for Wii?

Super Smash Bros.
I was a huge Smash Bros. fan for the Gamecube but didn’t get into the Wii version. I’m hoping this one pulls me back into the series. I plan on picking up the 3DS version.

Far Cry 4
I’ve yet to play a Far Cry game. I just recently built a gaming PC and plan on picking up Far Cry 3 if I see it for a good deal on Steam. It received good reviews and the trailer for Far Cry 4 looks great.

Hyper Light Drifter
This trailer sold me on the game with it’s pixelated art style and amazing score. I’m getting a transistor/Sword & Sworcery vibe from this game. Hopefully it comes to other platforms than Xbox One.

I’m sure there are plenty other games that will come out and be good, but as someone who doesn’t have a lot of time for gaming, I like to try new things. Sure, I have a few sequels on here, but I’m hoping they bring along some new ideas that sets it apart from the pack. Let’s hope this isn’t everything though because I need some Fallout 4!

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