I’ve Never Seen Star Wars


Star Wars is a franchise I never really looked into. A buddy of mine made me watch the fourth one, and we started the fifth but life happened and that was put back on the shelf. I kept telling myself I would get back into it, start from the beginning, and get through them all. Now with VII on the horizon, I want to make sure I at least watch the main entry movies so I can maybe understand what the heck is going on.

I’m going to start with episode I and go chronological. I understand this wasn’t how it was intended, but it’s just how I’m going to tackle them. It will be over several weeks due to time constraints but I’ll finally understand the lore behind this and why everyone goes insane with anything Star Wars. I’ll have brief thoughts on each movie once I watch them and post them here. Looking forward to this nerdy challenge I gave myself and hope I can make it past the rocky trilogy that comprises I, II, and III.

If you have any thoughts on which versions I should watch, let me know. I’m going to track down a copy of the first three before I look into all the different releases on the second trilogy.

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