I’m Giving Up on the Dark Tower Series


Spoilers ahead!!!

I’ve recently picked back up on reading. It’s something I stopped doing for years but always looked at getting back into. I always enjoyed it in school but kept telling myself I had no time for. But finally, I joined my awesome local library, and joined Goodreads to get some ideas on where to get started. Now I tend to read almost daily, and even listen to books on my commute to work. Couple this with podcasts, and I have plenty to keep me distracted while driving.

I fell in love with some great authors that I never experienced in school including Kurt Vonnegut, Brandon Sanderson, Brian Vaughan, Neil Gaiman, etc. An author that I have always enjoyed is Stephen King. The guy is a legend and has written some incredible stories. While I was looking for a series to start reading, I’ve always heard that the Dark Tower is incredible and wanted to give it a shot. I tried before with the first book, but was quickly bored and gave up. Friends told me to push on, so I did.

The first book was not a great experience. I knew that going into the series though since I started it before and didn’t feel the need to finish the first of seven books. My problem was it was just too unclear. You are introduced to Roland and a few characters, but the book fails to teach you about the characters. Also, the vagueness of the “Man in Black” made it hard to care for him as the protagonist that Roland is chasing. There are a few hooks to The Gunslinger that I liked but I was ultimately let down with the story. But, I carried on knowing it would get better, and it did.

The second book “The Drawing of the Three” was quite good. You learn that there are multiple worlds and Roland can go in-between them through special doors. You get introduced to a few more interesting characters and start to learn more about Roland’s world. Plus it has a lot of action which helps. This was an upturn to the series for me. Which leads me dying to jump into The Wasteland.

The book starts off strong with an attack from a mechanized bear, much stronger than the “Lobstrocities” from the second book. But this book boils down to 400 pages about Jake, a character I could care less about. A little boy who was killed off in the first book but is brought back (too much to explain.) The amount of time this book goes through to explain the setup of bringing him back was so off putting. Then, when he finally joins back up with the posse, he is quickly taken away again. I read reviews that this was the best book in the series, but to me it went nowhere. Sure you learn more about the worlds and begin understanding character motive, but there isn’t enough there to keep me hooked.

I still have no idea why to care for the Dark Tower, except he is on a mission to get there. I don’t like the way all the dialogue is spoken in riddles and is hard to get a point across. Also, I don’t care for Jake, which this book is all about. I don’t enjoy the direction it is heading, and do not plan on spending another 40+ hours to read the final four books. I’m interested enough to check out Wikipedia though, and think it could make a good movie/TV series if the right director picked it up. But I decided to abandon reading the rest of the books, and move onto another series. I hear The Way of Kings is remarkable…

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