Career Portfolio

Career Portfolio

Michael Perry


Hello, my name is Michael Perry, and thank you for checking out my portfolio. I’m a Mid-Level Technician for my company and am currently enjoying college at Ivy Tech as a CINS Major. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work in the field that I’m currently attending school for. I recently achieved the Java Certification, which is on the path of my Associates Degree.

Since I’m a part-time student, I’ll be taking my three leftover classes over the next two semesters. After I achieve the CINS, I’m going to take a break and work toward certain certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft, before I return to school to further my education. My following portfolio contains the following:

  • Career Goals
  • Resume with References
  • Academic Record
  • Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Awards
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Artifacts and Work I’ve Done

I love the team I’m working with, and the passion we all share with helping people with their computer problems. It’s a great field that is progressive, often changing, and always challenging. Thank you for checking out my portfolio.

Career Goals

Five Year Career Goal Statement:

To finish college, earn various certifications, and become an overall professional in the IT field.

Goals I’ve Achieved:

  • Started a computer Repair Business to help learn more about computers
  • Assisted as a contractor in a bank refresh for various PNC banks
  • Landed a job as a Remote Support Technician
  • Received a certification in Java Programming

During These Five Years, I Plan On:

  • Continuing at my current job learning more about the business of IT
  • Get my Associates degree in Computer Information Systems
  • Start earning various CompTIA and Microsoft Certifications
  • Attend Ivy Tech for their newly started Server Associates Degree
  • Learn more business and management practices of running a Help Desk

After Five Years:

I plan on working my way up in my current employer becoming a Systems Engineer. Long term goals would be to become more of a project manager, but stay in the IT field.


Click here to view a rundown of my resume.

Academic Record

Ivy Tech

These are my grades I’ve received so far in my College career at Ivy Tech
T = Transferred, V = PLA(prior learning assessment)

Subject Course Title Grade Credit House
CINS 101 Intro to Computers TA 3.0
CINS 113 Mathematical Foundations… TB 3.0
CINS 136 Computer Programming I TB 3.0
CINS 236 Computer Programming II TB 3.0
CINT 121 Network Technologies TA 3.0
ECON 101 Current Economic Topics TB 3.0
ENGL 111 Elementary Composition TA 3.0
IVYT 101 Freshman Seminar TB 1.0
PSYC 101 Intro to Psychology TB 3.0
SOCI 251 Social Problems TC 3.0
CINT 106 Micorcomputer Operating… V 3.0
CINT 108 Linux Fundamentals A 3.0
BUSN 101 Introduction to Business A 3.0
CINS 125 Database Design & Mgmt B 3.0
CINS 157 Web Site Development V 3.0
ACCT 101 Financial Accounting C 3.0
CINS 102 Information Systems Fundamentals B 3.0
CINS 279 CINS Capstone A 2.0
COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking A 3.0

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom This May Concern:

Michael Perry has been a huge asset to our MIS Team in every way. He has brought a great deal of knowledge to our team. Michael is respectful, a very hard worker, and is always willing to help anywhere he is needed. He finishes his projects within the given timeframe and always reports with documentation of his findings. One of Michael’s best assets is his costumer service which is a major part of IT. He is always very personable with the end users and makes sure they are satisfied with the result. Michael stays up to date on the latest technology and is always eager to learn something new if the opportunity presents itself. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a hard worker that will give 110% and be a huge asset to the team.


Kevin Fallon

Work I’ve Done

Websites I’ve Worked On

Chelsea Church of God:
Helped develop their website to showcase their church activity including podcasts with seminars and other activities. (Spacing seems off in the picture but it’s not.)

They were looking for someone to take the WordPress theme they bought and customize it to their liking.
Resumeplay is no longer active, but this was a gaming blog I co-owned and operated with a volunteer writing staff from multiple countries. We had a few months of averaging 200,00+ hits and worked with various gaming publications to get access to review games and industry events.

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