Book Review: Y’s The Last Man Vol. IV


I’ve been enjoying this series, catching up on some older Brian Vaughan work after falling in love with his Saga series. Book IV is the weakest book I’ve read so far in the Y series but i still thoroughly enjoyed the story told. Yorick is still on the run to the lab with his posse searching for answers as to why he is the only man on Earth. My only complaint with this book is that it didn’t really move the story ahead.

Book IV is a collection of five different comics, but the story is starting to get into a loop of meeting new characters and immediately killing them off. There is a lot of death going on and I was able to guess which characters would be killed off when Yorick met them (spoiler, almost all of them.) But that minor complaint aside, it is still an entertaining look at a world where women rule the land. I’m immediately going to jump into book V and still love the writing, the art style, and am invested in where this story is going.

Brian Vaughan is known for creating vivid worlds with interesting characters, and Y’s The Last Man is a great testament to that. Character dialogue is always fun and witty with a few chuckles strewn about. It’s a good series to get into while I want for Saga to come out.

I give book IV 4 Ampersand monkey throwing feces out of 5.

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