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Book Review: Y: The Last Man: Vol. V


While I’m still loving this series to pieces, the last volume was getting a bit stale for my taste. I did this with The Walking Dead, I read it for a while but the story became so farfetched that I abandoned around issue 90, which was way longer than I wanted to read. This series was beginning to go nowhere for me, but I’m sticking with it, and glad I did. Vol. V is starting to reveal some plot points started since the beginning, and now has a few twists that has me already reaching for the next volume.

Yorick is starting to come into himself. Although his dialogue is great and often witty, his character hasn’t changed much since the series started. He’s still an idiot who has no clue what is going on around him. He makes dumb decisions that mostly have negative outcomes and is a departure from the typical “hero” (no pun intended) caricature. The world is what is keeping me invested, along with his supporting characters and interesting scenarios.

Volume V is starting to reveal what the hell happened to all the men. It’s also bringing in new characters who might stay alive for more than a few issues. It also ended on a major cliffhanger setting up what I would imagine could be the plot for the next few books. One complaint I had though is something that happened in this series before. Now I know it’s fiction, but when three people are point-blank range and cannot shoot a target running straight at them is a little unbelievable. Again, fiction, but those few panels that that has happened in always made me frown.

Seriously, check this series out if you haven’t. Brian Vaughan is literary genius when creating worlds. Don’t forget about Saga though after you get through these.

I give this Volume: 4 half boob Amazonians out of five.

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