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Torchlight 2 is one of those games that I enjoyed my time with but glad to finally be done. Steam says I’ve played 27 hours, which is a lot of time for a game I couldn’t tell you one plot point from. I played Torchlight 2 over the course of a year, hopping in and out when I found time. It’s easily a mindless click-a-thon where I was more interested in looting than following any sort of lore. Not to say there isn’t a story there worth diving into, I just didn’t care about it and was actually shocked that I was fighting the final boss when I did.

My time with Torchlight 2 had me clicking a lot. The first in the series was all set on levels stacked on top eachother, and I believe there were 50 floors, could be more. This one is setup more traditionally with various towns to embark. They weren’t interesting though, just a small area with shops and some people to chat. You might spend a few minutes in them collecting quests but then be on your way exploring. Level design was varied enough but felt less so the more you played.

My major complaint was that I fell into a rhythm that was hard to escape from. I played an Embermage which might be why this happened. I would rush into a group of enemies, right+click to throw magic since it was more powerful than my normal attack, and drink a potion and mana recharge. Rise and repeat this until all enemies are dead. They do offer more ways, plenty of them, but I became lazy with this game. There wasn’t enough incentive to try different things, unless you get tired of seeing fire magic and want to turn it to blue ice sometimes.

But the complaints aside, you know what you are getting with the Torchlight series. It ran great on a low-end laptop, and my gaming PC. It offers plenty of loot, wide range of enemies, and a familiar upgrade system that is still fun to customize. It’s just this game was too long, and actually would have been better a shorter experience. Perhaps make more of the quests optional and make your main campaign a tighter, more cohesive game. I’m the type though if Runic makes a sequel, I’ll be right there clicking on everything it throws at me.

I give it 3.5 carpal tunnel wrists out of 5.
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