Quick Review: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a beautiful game, and the designers take advantage of the landscape by putting benches for you to sit and gaze. Brothers is an adventure style game where you control two brothers with both joysticks navigating through an interesting world for a cure for your dad. It was a short stay with not much development in the world or characters, but was a solid entry that is worth exploring.

The game opens up with two brothers tasked with finding a cure for their sick dad. You traverse an unusual and charismatic world filled with interesting scenarios that involves no combat, guns, or fighting. Characters interact with simple gestures and speak with moans and grunts, which obviously would prefer dialogue but it works in this instance. You traverse the world by running, climbing, swimming, and some instances riding on a bird-things back. There never is a dull moment during the four hours Brothers lasts.

The game attempts to be emotional by introducing you to various characters that the brothers interact with and putting them through awkward situations. I thought the giants I came across had more character than the humans. I don’t want to get into specifics, but I could see where the game was leading me at the end and might have made more of an impact if it wasn’t so in my face. You also interact with the world in unique ways, including moving dead giant bodies around that are in your way.

I never quite got used to the controls as each brother is mapped to a different stick and shoulder button. yes it is all one button controls, but it is interesting and sometimes tricky scheme to get used to. I bought this game on sale but still think it is worth full price for those interested. It’s a nice break from the norm, and although it is short, the world is an captivating place to explore with rich detailed environments that make it worth your stay.

I give it four rock giants out of five.

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