Board Games

You Should Be Playing Love Letter

Wanting to get into more advance board games, I started looking around at what all was available. While overwhelming, I did learn a lot from various sources that cover different genres of board games. One of my favorite articles, and a re-occurring topic of the site, is when Loyd Case visits Tested with a batch of new board games. One…

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Website Pet Peeves

As someone who builds websites, here are my top five biggest pet peeves your website must not do. 1) Don’t have music on your website autoplay upon loading. Never. 2) Horizontally scrolling sites are awful and clunky. I don’t care what Rich says. 3) Stop relying on Flash to get your content across. 4) Adapt responsive design and move away…

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Review: Redshirts

Just recently discovering John Scalzi with Old Man’s War, I was excited to give another one of his top books a shot. I knew nothing about Redshirts going into it except that it was highly regarded, and I’ll be adding another recommendation to that pile. Redshirts was interesting in a way but could also be annoying to those who want…

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Done With Bravely Default

I haven’t written in a while due to time constraints with having my second child and work being busy, but finally have some time to sit down and talk about a game I’ve been playing off and on for months called Bravely Default. BD is a throwback to the PS1 style Final Fantasy classics that fans of the genre have…

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