Old Man’s War Short Review

Science Fiction is a new genre I’ve been slowly reading. My first true Sci-Fi book was The Forever War by Joe Haldeman. It was a stunning novel about space exploration and the conflicts of war with aliens. The time travel aspect revolves around the protagonist Mandella is only aging months, while the earth is aging centuries.

Old Man’s War was on a few “top Sci-Fi” lists I read and decides to add it to my Goodreads. While chasing my daughter around the library I noticed it and grabbed it hastily. I knew nothing about the book, which I sometimes like to do when trying a new novel. The first sentence already had me hooked:

“I did two things on my 75th birthday. First I visited my wife’s grave. Then I joined the army.”

Of course that’s a preposterous statement to make, older people don’t just join the army, so I already am curious how this works. What I got was much more than just a typical space exploration story. That was the perception going into this genre, that it is emotionless, geeky, and full of boring nerd lingo. What I’ve received though are amazing touching stories that was hard to put down.

John Scalzi does a good job discussing how space exploration is possible in a way that makes sense but doesn’t go too far in depth. Dialogue between the characters are witty and humorous, often putting a smile on my face or chuckling to myself. A good mix of action and interesting plot kept me thinking about this book even when taking a few days away from it.

Old Man’s War was another great start to the genre for me. I will be checking out more from this author and the many sequels that are apart of the Old Man’s War series.

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