My Life in 2017

2017 was an amazing year for me. This was a year of beginnings and growth. This blog is a few things that made 2017 a great year for me and my family.
The early cold months were on cruise control. January had a few warmer days which allowed us to get our kids out to the park to run off some energy. This is Lexi at a nice little park called Bob Hedge.
Definitely had some board game nights. We like playing Catan, Love Letter, Ticket to Ride, and all the various kids games.
Plenty of trips to the zoo. The kids never get bored of the zoo, good exercise, and plenty to look at. Monkeys are always entertaining.
March quickly came with the highlight being a family trip to Pigeon Forge. My parents rented us a huge cabin up in the mountains. The kids loved the arcades, hot tub, and playing with their cousins and grandparents.
Lexi and Max had a rough five-hour road trip to Gatlingburg

The cabin was about a ten minute trip up in the mountains. The kids would be nervous sometimes driving up the mountain. Relaxing on the porch was just what we all needed. Plus seeing a bear near the next cabin was exciting.

A Little Rocket League in the cabin.

Riding the Carousel.

That puts a wrap on Q1. We started in April on a trip from Gatlingburg to Destin Florida with my parents. Ate too much food, got a date in with my wife to see Logan (Great flick), and got some relaxation in. It was a much deserved vacation and something we want to start doing more often. Lexi loves the beach too much. Max on the other hand…
This picture was taken in our backyard in Destin.

I turned 30 in June. Ashley put me on a big scavenger hunt with 30 different clues around the house. Halfway through my Mario Kart birthday cake was dropped off, and the scavenger hunt ended with all my gifts hidden right in my living room. I couldn’t believe I never stumbled upon these. My family was in Alabama at the beach with friends, but I definitely wasn’t alone for my birthday. Spent most of the night in downtown New Albany at the Exchange and Floyd County Brewery before ending up back at my house. Although my wife and kids weren’t there to celebrate it with me, it was the perfect birthday.

That next morning was a little rough though.
My wife also turned thirty on July 4th. We spent the day at Newport Aquarium, then with fireworks and friends.

July was a big month for me as I finally got back into school. I read a blog post while on vacation in Destin about WGU and knew it would be perfect for me. I kept thinking of the idea of finishing my Bachelor’s degree and WGU will help me achieve this. I transferred my credits in and was quickly brought into the program. As of this writing, I have six more months then I’ll have my degree in Information Technology.
Lexi started preschool which she loves very much. Glad we decided on Growing Minds as she is really enjoying herself at school.
Went to Microsoft Ignite in September with a few good guys from work. Learned a lot, ate too much, spend a night roaming Universal Studios, and got more than enough airport camping. Still a great trip and love the opportunity to attend events like these.

Max enjoying driving his Papaw’s boat.

We got to the movies a few times this year, which is a few times more than last year!

Max and Lexi enjoying opening gifts at their grandparents.

This is just a small snippit of the year. We also played in creeks/parks, attended many parties, and overall kept busy. 2017 was a packed year with activities, and hope 2018 keeps this up. Ashley is constantly planning things to do with the kids, and love that she keeps them exposed to new things. Here’s to an amazing 2018!

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  1. Enjoyed reading about your 2017 family life. I’m so proud of you and your family. ASHLEY is an awesome mom and you a great dad. I always enjoy seeing all the things Ashley does with Lexi and Max. They are a blessing to our family, and so smart. While I can certainly wait, I’m looking forward to seeing what the do with their lives. Love you, Aunt Donna

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