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My Favorite Health Apps



I’ve been on a health kick lately trying to eat better and be more active. I’ve noticed an overall tired feeling in the evenings and need to change my eating habits so I feel more energized for my two little ones. I’ve had great luck with a few apps in the past, but Apple has recently pushed several updates to help gear people to monitor their health more. The apps I have the best luck with give me an arbitrary number to try and reach. While some people don’t care for this approach, I’ve had the best luck with it in the past and serves as a great motivator to keep me going. Here are my favorite apps I’ve experimented with so far and am still learning.

1) MyFitnessPal

This was the first health app I ever used and have lost many pounds using it. MyFitnessPal does a little bit of everything including tracking your calories, your exercises, and monitoring many other apps to pull data into itself. Tracking every little thing you eat can be daunting at first, but the app is set up in a way where the more you use it, the quicker it is to use. And it automatically can pull you steps or workouts from many different apps. MyFitnessPal is easy to use and can help show how much we are actually eating in a day.

2) Strava/RunKeeper
Wanting to start walking but set goals for myself, these apps really helped get me started. You can set reminders to keep pushing you and add friends and track their progress. It taps into the GPS of the phone and sends you a map of your walk, along with your pace and calories burned (again with all the numbers.) I started using RunKeeper at first for this but have since moved to Strava because it ties into the Health app introduced in iOS8. both are really great though.

3) Up
I used to own a FitBit bracelet but didn’t use it like I should have. I would forget to charge it, or never got a grasp on how to activate the thing. I know others had similar complaints but was able to figure it out, but I actively believe there was something wrong with mine. Anyway, it’s not necessary anymore with this app, because it does exactly the same thing with a device that never leaves my side. I’m still learning all it’s integration features, but uses the M8 chip inside the phone to track steps, and works extremely well with MyFitnessPal. Set your step count and achieve that goal daily.

4) 7 Minute Workout
I’ve been trying to read up on this idea of getting a good workout done in 7 minutes. Now I understand you won’t see great results out of this, but you can customize the app, once you pay money, to exactly your needs. They have a few workouts in the app for you to run through, but I like the ability to set up my own workout regiment, and loop through it a few times. That way I’m working out for around 20 minutes and feeling way more results. You do get a good workout after the initial 7 minutes, but I would only use that as a way to get started working out for longer periods of time.

5) Health
Honestly, this app is still sort of a mess, but has a promising future ahead of it. HealthKit is a conglomerate of all your health apps and serves as a dashboard tying everything together. It just doesn’t exactly work correctly yet. Obviously they will continue to iterate on this and have it working before their Watch comes out, but is still something worth checking out for a snapshot of your entire health. Upgrading to iOS8 comes with it automatically so you might as well right?

There are many others that people use that I have yet to play with. If you have better suggestions please let me know 🙂

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