It’s Time to Ditch Microsoft Security Essentials

I’m a strong advocate on running an Antivirus program on your computers. I install them on mine and always advise my client to get one when I see they are currently not running one. While I do push the paid versions I sell, it’s hard when their are free versions available. Many problems plague the free versions. They aren’t supported as much, they bombard you with advertisements on the paid version, and they don’t rank well in a true virus test.

I know many people opt to use Microsoft Security Essentials, or Windows Defender for those running Windows 8. This used to be a competent piece of software (although I have never recommended it) and I see many clients using it. The problem is that Microsoft has put it on the back burner, and have now publicly stated that it should be a backup, and shouldn’t be your only way of defending your computer.

It was great at one point in time. First, being free is always nice, especially when it wouldn’t bug you about upgrading to a paid version. It was fast and not full of useless add-ons. While their are other free options, Microsoft Security Essentials was the best option available.

But now they are scaling back and stating you should use it as a backup option. They are still providing their information to third party companies though to help in the battle against Malware. So what should we be using now? Well, my favorite that I’ve found so far and have been selling to most of my clients is Kaspersky and Malwarebytes. Kaspersky is more of an all-in-one security package where Malwarebytes tends to defend against Malware. They are both great programs and work well together.

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Originally written for Perry’s PC Repair

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