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Favorite Koffee Cup

Picked up from RedBubble.

My Favorite Health Apps



I’ve been on a health kick lately trying to eat better and be more active. I’ve noticed an overall tired feeling in the evenings and need to change my eating habits so I feel more energized for my two little ones. I’ve had great luck with a few apps in the past, but Apple has recently pushed several updates to help gear people to monitor their health more. The apps I have the best luck with give me an arbitrary number to try and reach. While some people don’t care for this approach, I’ve had the best luck with it in the past and serves as a great motivator to keep me going. Here are my favorite apps I’ve experimented with so far and am still learning.

Playing With Photoshop

Playing With Photoshop

My HTPC Build


I just recently built my first PC, something I’ve always wanted to do and finally pulled the money together to get me some decent parts. I wanted something that I could leave plugged into my TV but look nice, so started looking into some HTPC cases and found one that looked nice enough and wasn’t too bulky. But I also wanted this to game so knew it needed to be airy enough to not run the risk of overheating. It’s not a powerhouse gaming machine, but I typically play more indie titles than top tier graphics games so it handles everything I want it to. These are the parts I bought:

On Being a Father

I’ve never been more nervous about anything than becoming a father. I held my cool the morning of September 21st, the day my daughter would arrive, but I was scared. Scared about not being able to handle the stress, or that it would all be too much. Turns out though it was the exact opposite of all my fears. I look back now on the inadequate amount of sleep I received during Lexi’s first months and remember it not being a big deal. Now I am five weeks away from doing it all again. Maximus is set to arrive on August 26th and I now know not to be scared. Of course with Lexi I was both excited and scared, but now with Maximus I can say I’m a stronger person. I know that I can handle what’s ahead of me and my family and know how amazing it is that I’m having a son.