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Book Review: Y: The Last Man: Vol. V


While I’m still loving this series to pieces, the last volume was getting a bit stale for my taste. I did this with The Walking Dead, I read it for a while but the story became so farfetched that I abandoned around issue 90, which was way longer than I wanted to read. This series was beginning to go nowhere for me, but I’m sticking with it, and glad I did. Vol. V is starting to reveal some plot points started since the beginning, and now has a few twists that has me already reaching for the next volume.

Book Review: Y’s The Last Man Vol. IV


I’ve been enjoying this series, catching up on some older Brian Vaughan work after falling in love with his Saga series. Book IV is the weakest book I’ve read so far in the Y series but i still thoroughly enjoyed the story told. Yorick is still on the run to the lab with his posse searching for answers as to why he is the only man on Earth. My only complaint with this book is that it didn’t really move the story ahead.

Book IV is a collection of five different comics, but the story is starting to get into a loop of meeting new characters and immediately killing them off. There is a lot of death going on and I was able to guess which characters would be killed off when Yorick met them (spoiler, almost all of them.) But that minor complaint aside, it is still an entertaining look at a world where women rule the land. I’m immediately going to jump into book V and still love the writing, the art style, and am invested in where this story is going.

Brian Vaughan is known for creating vivid worlds with interesting characters, and Y’s The Last Man is a great testament to that. Character dialogue is always fun and witty with a few chuckles strewn about. It’s a good series to get into while I want for Saga to come out.

I give book IV 4 Ampersand monkey throwing feces out of 5.

The Martian Review

This book was amazing. I was sold from the first page, and it kept getting better. Mark Watney is an astronaut that was stranded on Mars due to some unexpected circumstances. He’s alone with limited resources and must Macgyver what is left for him to survive. It’s written in a series of journal entries that details his experiences for that day.

I loved Mark Watney as a character. He’s funny, brilliant, and has a great outlook even though he is constantly facing death. He goes in depth on how he rigs the MAV to ensure he survives. A lot of it was over my head, but Mark does a good job explaining the many complicated systems he deals with. The things Mark has to do to survive: creating a garden in his limited space, turning his urine into water, and constant checks to make sure everything is working.

Old Man’s War Short Review

Science Fiction is a new genre I’ve been slowly reading. My first true Sci-Fi book was The Forever War by Joe Haldeman. It was a stunning novel about space exploration and the conflicts of war with aliens. The time travel aspect revolves around the protagonist Mandella is only aging months, while the earth is aging centuries.

I’m Giving Up on the Dark Tower Series


Spoilers ahead!!!

I’ve recently picked back up on reading. It’s something I stopped doing for years but always looked at getting back into. I always enjoyed it in school but kept telling myself I had no time for. But finally, I joined my awesome local library, and joined Goodreads to get some ideas on where to get started. Now I tend to read almost daily, and even listen to books on my commute to work. Couple this with podcasts, and I have plenty to keep me distracted while driving.

I fell in love with some great authors that I never experienced in school including Kurt Vonnegut, Brandon Sanderson, Brian Vaughan, Neil Gaiman, etc. An author that I have always enjoyed is Stephen King. The guy is a legend and has written some incredible stories. While I was looking for a series to start reading, I’ve always heard that the Dark Tower is incredible and wanted to give it a shot. I tried before with the first book, but was quickly bored and gave up. Friends told me to push on, so I did.