My Life in 2017

2017 was an amazing year for me. This was a year of beginnings and growth. This blog is a few things that made 2017 a great year for me and my family.

Favorite Koffee Cup

Picked up from RedBubble.

Review: The Stand

The_Stand_UncutThis book has been on my to-do for the better part of a decade. The Stand is a boisterous novel about a plague that wipes out more than 99% of the population and the struggles with reforming into a nation. I seen countless positive reviews on this book and knew I had to check this book out. After reading it on and off for nearly two months, I’ve finally completed The Stand and already wanting to start my next Stephen King book.

Review: Stardust

Neil Gaiman is a pro at creating interesting worlds in his books that make them hard to put down. American Gods and Anansi Boys are some of my all-time favorites, so I wanted to venture into some of his other work. I finally grabbed Stardust knowing very little besides that it was made into a movie met with decent reviews. Overall I found the book to just be mediocre but see why some would absolutely love Stardust. I believe it still has the Neil Gaiman touch of humor and dialogue, I just don’t have much of an affinity for this genre.

Stardust boils down to a love story about a “man” named Tristan who falls in love with the prettiest girl in his town of Wall. While speaking to her for the first time, Tristan proposes to Victoria who rejects the offer and will not kiss him (obviously.) While walking home, they both notice a shooting star which Victoria proclaims to Tristan to find said shooting star and she will do whatever he pleases. He of course accepts and goes on a journey to find the star. Now obviously a series of events happen that I did find interesting. The book is short but packed with plot points that keep it moving along and never falters or becomes boring. Plenty of interesting characters are also present and help flesh out the narrative.

My Favorite Health Apps



I’ve been on a health kick lately trying to eat better and be more active. I’ve noticed an overall tired feeling in the evenings and need to change my eating habits so I feel more energized for my two little ones. I’ve had great luck with a few apps in the past, but Apple has recently pushed several updates to help gear people to monitor their health more. The apps I have the best luck with give me an arbitrary number to try and reach. While some people don’t care for this approach, I’ve had the best luck with it in the past and serves as a great motivator to keep me going. Here are my favorite apps I’ve experimented with so far and am still learning.